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Some Useful Tips and Tricks:


*#06# Serial Number/IMEI indicates 

*#0000# SW version (e.g. V3.42.1, 16-10-03, NHL-10) 

*#2820# Bluetooth (BT) device address 

xx# Directory quick access (xx = storage location and afterwards lozenge e.g. 24 #) 

On/Off key -short pressing for menu for switching between profiles 

Menu key - Long pressing for "task manager" - switching between active programs (with "C" key programs can be terminated.) 

Menu quick access - Over in the menu e.g. to point 3.1 arrive simply 31 enter (if the third symbol a file is opened is for these and then in it started the first Programm/Icon). 

No Autostart - When switching the phone on up to the pin inquiry press the whole time the "ABC" key (pen) - this is to ignore the autoinitialization programs (and the MMC programs) - "safeboot". 

12345 ... is according to be the standard Nokia nokia-securitycode. 

0000 ... is according to be standard PIN2 at Vodafone (germany) 


Caution - starting from here the codes are "dangerous" 

... is to delete the code around the "wallet" 
Input like normal telephone number (not in wallet code inquiry windows). 
NOTE! Afterwards the "wallet" is empty, can again be put on however with new code. 

*#7780# - Reset to original settings 
NOTE! Afterwards various "attitudes" are away - among other things these: 
Points of entrance (Provider dependent points of entrance and attitudes) 
Bluetooth attitudes 
Allocation of the two keys (beside Navi keys) in the main menue 
Profiles are "neglected" (as with distribution) - still there however new bell tones, etc. are... 
SMS/MMS/E Mail attitudes 
Logos and spielstaende (allegedly) also deleted... 
Programs, calendars and contacts, etc. not changed... 

*#7370# - Soft format - resets all the telefone Memory (like Formatting a disk 
NOTE! Battery should be full up to at least 75%, do not accomplish during the procedure under any circumstances ! The procedure takes some minutes (approx. 3-4) 

Green, * 3 - Hard format: If the Mobile (only telephone memory) formats, puts back the attitudes (see * to # 7780 #) and implements a RESET. 
NOTE! Battery should be full up to at least 75%, do not accomplish during the procedure under any circumstances ! The procedure takes some minutes (approx. 3-4) 

Proceeding: Equipment switch off, keep "green key" (take off) at the same time pressed, "*" and to "3" key and switch the equipment on (the keys thereby keep further pressed)... to "Formatting" on the display appears... 

Tip 1 : Do u know how to use the edit button (abc or pencil button)? 
Heres how... in the inbox for example; u wanna delete multiple sms, simply hold the edit button, scroll down, and then, press c to delete the marked sms. The edit button can also b used to copy and past text in sms, simply hold it and scroll across, choose copy. pretty good for placing song names in ngages 

Tip 2 : Shit happens, on a smartphone, its inevitable u do something wrong, and this calls for a format of fone. to format the fone, press *#7370#, then enter the lock code, which is the sec code of the fone. NOTE : batt must b full, else if format is disrupted by low batt, consequences will b disatrous 
I heard the code *#7780# works too, pretty much the same i tink. 
for 6600 users, to format the fone, theres an alternative way. Press and hold <3>, <*>, and the buttons, then power on fone, keep holding on the 3 buttons, till u come to a format screen. tis method ONLY works on 6600, and need not enter the sec code. BUT sec code wun be reset to default 12345. 

There are two kinds of formatting: hard formatting and soft formatting 


SOFT formatting: This does not realy format your phone (c-drive). It restores ini files from rom but preserves user data (photos, 3rd party apps etc). This is just a normal reset!! 

HOW? There are two ways to do a normal reset: 

1) *#7780# (this seems to work only on S60 v6.1 and 7.0) 

2) Go to Settings, General and scroll down to factorysettings (works on all S60 phones) 


HARD formatting: This reformats completely the C-drive. All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost and clean but default files will be rewritten. This is a deep reset. 

HOW? Again there are two ways: 

1) *#7370# 

2) When unable to startup your phone: press and hold the green (talk) key on the left + number 3 on the keypad + the * key and then turn the phone on. This trick works on every S60 v7.0 and it works fine on my 6630 too but without formatting screen... 

Tip 3 : TO NGAGE USERS; Did u know u can install .sis files simply using the cable given? Juz plug it in, place the .sis file anywhere on e: (the mmc), not in any folders, root of e:, disconnect, then look for it in manager. 

Tip 4: Save on battery and system memory being used by regulary checking the task manager which can be accessed by holding down the menu button!! 

Tip 5: Type *#06# to display your IMEI serial number, very valuable for the unlocking your phone to other sim cards... 

Tip 6: Save memory when installing apps, by installing over bluetooth. This can be done using the nokia phone suite and a bluetooth serial connection. Only works with .SIS files, so java still has to be sent to the phone, but will save space when using .SIS files. 

Tip 7: Operator logos 
Use a filemanager like FExplorer or SeleQ to add the folders: "c:/system/Apps/phone/oplogo". Add a .bmp picture to folder "oplogo" and restart your phone! The .bmp picture size needs to be: 97 x 25 pixels 

Tip 8: BlueJacking 
First up, you need to know what Bluetooth is. There are lots of types of modern devices that incorporate Bluetooth as one of their many features. PDAs, mobile phones and laptops are a few of these modern devices. Bluetooth means that Bluetooth enabled devices can send things like phonebook/address book contacts, pictures & notes to other Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly over a range of about 10 metres. So, we've got past the boring part. Now, using a phone with Bluetooth, you can create a phonebook contact and write a message, eg. 'Hello, you've been bluejacked', in the 'Name' field. Then you can search for other phones with Bluetooth and send that phonebook contact to them. On their phone, a message will popup saying "'Hello, you've been bluejacked' has just been received by Bluetooth" or something along those lines. For most 'victims' they will have no idea as to how the message appeared on their phone. 

Tip 9: While you are viewing a picture in your phone's gallery, press one of these shortcut keys (definitely works on 6600, not sure about other symbians) 
1 - turn image anticlockwise 
3 - turn image clockwise 
* - toggle on/off of full screen 
5 - zoom in 
0 - zoom out 

Tip 10: Operator logos 
Use a filemanager like FExplorer or SeleQ to add the folders: "c:/system/Apps/phone/oplogo". Add a .bmp picture to folder "oplogo" and restart your phone! The .bmp picture size needs to be: 97 x 25 pixels 

Tip 11: Check if the recepients phone is on 
Delivery reports 
Type *0# your message in the message composer window space then write your message, the recipient will not see the star zero hash bit - just the message When they read it it will relay a message back to your fone showing the time they recieved it. (haven't yet tried it myself though) 

A soft and Hard reset 
A Soft-reset - the process of resetting all the settings of the phone to the factory default! No applications are deleted! A Hard-reset is like formatting a drive! It does format the memory. Everything that has been installed after the first use of the phone is deleted! It will recover the memory of the phone to the state you purchased it! It is done by inputing the following code: *#7370# NOTE: The battery must be full or the charger has to be connected to the phone so that it does not run out of power and make the phone unusable 

Start up in Safe Mode so no 'auto start' apps will be running: 
To make sure that no memory-resident programs start when you reboot your phone, 
hold down the pencil key when you turn on the phone and hold it on untill you have to enter your PIN code. 
(When you have trouble booting up the phone with the MMC in it because it got corrupted for some reason, this trick will 
almost always let you boot up the phone so you can remove the latest installed app which might have caused the 
problem or if your phone is "unrepairable" you can still back up your important data before you do a format.)

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